Sunday, June 14, 2009

And a New Job (Again)

It's been a lovely weekend. The whole family (for a change) went to Nina's for dinner to celebrate my new job which starts tomorrow. Hopefully this one will last more than 3 months before a layoff. So what's this about a new job? Well....a few weekends ago, the FFA (used to be future farmers of America but now I don't know what it stands for) had their yearly awards banquet at the school. Both my boys are members of this organization. We sat at the same table as the mother of one my boys' classmates and friends. She was talking about her job because Tom knows a a lot about the latest Japanese manufacturing methods. I mentioned that I also have manufacturing experience and recently got laid off. She mentioned that they were looking for someone like me. I emailed my resume to her the next day to give to the GM and on Monday the personnel manager called me to set up an interview. This interview lasted FIVE hours and I saw all the key players. The company makes mostly high end organic dog food (Paul Newman's and lots of other brands most people have heard of) and recently got the Ol' Roy Walmart contract. Business has been fantastic and the recession passed them by, so much so that the employees have received two bonuses already this year. I am very lucky to have fallen into this job and yes they made me an offer 6 days later. I will be the QA Manager and am looking forward to it. Quality Assurance will be my concentration but the job is wide open for someone to come in and take ownership. I start tomorrow.

The company is steeped in history. Do you remember Gainesburgers? Clarence Gaines, back in 1928 developed the first complete dog food as we know it today. And the pet food company has been around ever since then!

I leave you with a pic of the Norwich Y Pickleball group that played at the Empire State Games. I am in the back row, 2nd to left.