Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why You Need An Electronic Key for Paypal

Not too long ago my Paypal account was broken into and two, one hundred dollar transactions were made. I was fortunate that Paypal called me in a random account check. Had they not called I never would have noticed until it was too late because I don't log into my account unless I am making a transaction.

I managed to track the guy down and emailed him after a hold was put on the transactions. I reported him to the FBI. I won't tell you what words I chose for the email. He gloatingly wrote back that he had all my passes and it's no big deal, it was only $200.00. But then I did further tracking and traced him back to Sharktech Internet Services. I called Sharktech and left a message that either he or one of his employees or customers was putting bots on people's computers and retrieving their passwords with the intent of stealing. I futher told him that I called law enforcement in Missoula, Montana and sent them the gloating emails along with all my tracing info. I guess I scared the crap out of him because he never called or wrote back. So I hope he's peeing in his pants right now because no doubt I was one of many he stole from and hopefully he will go to jail. In the meantime Paypal told me about their electronic key. It's simple. You have an added layer of protection when you login by pressing the button on an LED keychain doohicky that they send you. You type the number that is generated into a space on your login page. That's it. It was free for me becasue my account was compromised but it costs $5 for you. My advice is to go get one quickly! It's worth it!

I leave you with a picture of my homegrown lettuce. It grows like this, with the different varieties in each plant! The tomatoes got off to a slow start because of the cool weather but seem to be doing okay now. The basil is stagnant and I have no idea why. It's just sulking.