Saturday, June 20, 2009

Machines, Regents and Other News

So how do I like my new washer? Well about 50 loads later, I have to say I am very pleased with it so far. It cleans the clothes well, and has tons of room (4 cubic feet). I love the blue lights too and the little tune it plays when the washing cycle is complete. The super duper spin cycle goes so fast the clothing is practically dry, and even though it is very quiet, it sounds like a jet about to take off with it's high but muffled whirring sound. There are settings allowing you to turn down the spin speed for various types of washes so you don't get wrinkles. A nice feature is the Silver care cycle (AG in the pic) that uses ions to remove all bacteria and dirt from clothing. This is especially good for removing allergens from sheets and it doesn't use hot water.

In other news, I am very proud to say that Dan got a 95 on his biology regents and Mike mastered his earth science regents. Clarkson awarded Dan a $44,000 scholarship as a leadership award, the University of Rochetser awarded him $40,000 for the same thing and RIT awarded him $25,000 for a computing award. We aren't sure what that is. Right now it's a toss up between RIT and Clarkson, with Clarkson a little ahead. However Dan has not visitied U of R yet. Dan will spend his summer working at KFC/Taco Bell and the summer rec program as a lifeguard. Mike is working with Nathan at Mizrahi Manor. We plan to spend a week in July and a week in August at the cabin and Dan will be going to Virgnia beach with his girlfriend's family for a few days soon.

After my first week of work I am pretty exhausted. Learning a whole new process after doing it again recently, is stressful and tiring. However I like it well enough and a bonus is coming end of quarter. So that will make three in a row per quarter of a paycheck or even two. Of course mine will be prorated as I will have only worked there two weeks in the last quarter but I am looking forward to next quarter. Naturally we have to make the numbers though and that goes for this quarter too.

This rainy Father's Day weekend was supposed to be a cabin weekend, but we opted to stay home due to the rain. The bonus was not missing the rabies clinic so we took all 4 animals down. The Mets play later and the boy is changing the truck spark plugs with his dad. We just got done spending $1,400 on the truck Dan drives on maintenance issues and are about to spend another $700 or $800 on the Kia for service, timing belt etc etc. UGH! Cars are expensive!