Saturday, July 25, 2009

Four Wheelers and The Passing of Friends

Mike has wanted a quad forever and finally came up with enough cash to put almost half down and make the rest in payments. It was a pretty sweet deal and has some kind of fancy exhaust. He rode around yesterday after he brought it home and the boys loaded it up into the truck and took it over to a friend's who also has a quad. This one is a two stroke 350 Banshee.

We have a dead tree, and rather than let it decide where it wants to fall we pulled it down where we wanted it to go. Now we have some more firewood.

They guy that used to lend us his wood splitter died two weeks ago so we will be buying a wood splitter. But a moment for Renne. He was a great neighbor anda good friend over the years. He lived behind us across the stream and the ravine. He kept the area by the stream beautifully, mowed like a park. It was and is pristine down there. When we had horses, he put his horse fences far enough away from the adjoining field's barbed wire fence so that I could pass through and reach the state land. He was a tremendously successful hunter and allowed me to put up a tree stand on his land. He told excellent hunting tales, acting them out as he spoke. We will miss him. He was always fun to chat with. It doesn't quite feel the same around here with him gone. He had told us years ago about his cirrhosis and he had been a big drinker when he was much younger. He had been in Syracuse in the hospital and then checked out and went to PA to be with his daughter. He wanted to come back and camp out under the stars, and ride his 4 wheeler one last time at home. He has left his property to his daughter who lives in PA, but who will take care of the place?