Monday, August 03, 2009

Stairs, No Knitting and Ducks

FINALLY we had a picture perfect summer day at the cabin. The boys continued on the stairs and I totally relaxed on the deck with a book, slipping in and out of refreshing little sleeps. We had a lovely dinner of goose stroganoff (yes goose) and retired early...but not before Mike got some wakeboarding in. He managed a 180 but says a 360 is not on the cards! The plan was to finish the steps Sunday but lo and behold, it was POURING Sunday. That was not the forecast either but it certainly came as no surprise to us ducks. Since it was miserable, we went home after breakfast. There was plenty to do at home.

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If anyone is curious I have been reading a lot and not knitting even though my 2nd sock will be finished in 20 minutes. Generally if I am on a reading stint I don't knit. Don't know why. But a coworker is having his first baby in February and I want to knit something special. I have a few projects lined up on Ravelry but my favorite one, a sweater with little sheep on it, is intimidating me a little. And since it takes me so long to knit anything, I better get spinning and knitting now. I would also like to knit one of those neat snowboarder's hat's with earflaps and a big tassle that droops off the side. I found a fantastic colorful pattern last year and promptly lost it.

The ducks are still with us I am happy to report and they are two males, not females as we originally thought.