Saturday, August 29, 2009

So What's New You ask?

I know, I know it's been a long time. It's so much easier to upload photos to Facebook so I have been doing that and neglecting this. I've been very busy between the kids, work and vacation. Thank God for that almost perfect weather last week or I would not be able to face winter, as the summer appears to be over after just two whole weeks. We were very lucky to be on vacation for one of those two weeks!

The steps are done and that's a gangplank at the end. This gangplank was modified from the previous owner's dock.

Me taking a refreshing float on a 95 degree day. The water was perfect!

I grabbed this shot of a blue heron on Fish Creek.

Doesn't he look like a ballerina?

Our vacation was stupendous, and we finished the future dock steps. While we were on vacation, we went to the Rennaisance Fair in Sterling NY. It was fun, and the people and costumes were wonderful.

Some dead Rennaisance men

The Queen's procession

The Joust!

A romantic poem is told in French followed by a translation. "Your eyes are fat" (said with a thick accent) was our favorite line. For the rest of the day we were all saying it.

Who are these charming people?

Black squirrel at the cabin

I am enjoying my job very much. Daniel even came to visit one day and my boss gave him the tour.
For the next two weeks, the kids are working at the Great New York State Fair as parking helpers. Apparently it pays well so it's a tough job to get. We knew someone and that's why they got in. This year there were about 400 applicant for 70 or so jobs (the figures may not be exactly right).