Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Falls!

We got a preview of fall this past weekend up at Black Lake. Many areas were already at peak or close to peak. And what wonderful weather! Friday night was perfect. A gentle breath of a breeze, a half moon reflecting on the water, and a mild 70 degree evening. We sat out on the new deck and took it all in. Saturday was very warm and very windy, so windy that we didn't take the boat out. Sunday was the day to take her over to Chapman's, get her shrink wrapped and put up for the winter. But we made sure we took one last boat ride down the river and around the smaller bays. Many people had taken their boats and their docks out on Memorial Day. Dan and I took her over to the public launch while Tom drove the trailer. The boat was so easy to load I couldn't believe it. We drove it right onto the trailer. As we were leaving I realized that the cabin is great fodder for anniversary gifts. There are so many things that Tom could use up here as far as tools go. Really he needs duplicates of everything.

About halfway home, as we were getting gas, we saw hundreds of birds on the wires. There were so many of them they appeared to be weighing the wires down. It looked like something out of Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds.

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