Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Mohair and Other Rambling

So we took the goats to get their mohair sheared and I had my camera in my bag around my waist. Do you think I took pictures on this fine, sunny,brisk morning? No, I forgot! I wanted to share the shearing process but I guess you guys will have to wait until April for the big shearing event. However I did take a pic of the naked goats. Compare them to the photo here. They look funny without all their hair. We give them plenty of hay to bed down in and if they look cold I will cover them.

We set an all time record this year. We only used heat for the first time yesterday! We have never gone this far into the end of the year without heating the house. Generally a fire here and there gets started in late September. But no one here is complaining, least of the kids that haul the wood, altho' I am generally the one that transports the wood from the front porch to the box by the stove. Good exercise!

I do love a good wood fire in the winter with my tunes and my fiber project in hand.

Then the monster of a humidifier we had for years finally went on the fritz so I picked up a smaller and better unit at Walmart yesterday. This one also ionizes the air, providing a healthier environment. I like it's much smaller size too and it will cover 2,000 square feet.

In other news, we took Albert the ram from his girls and the other ram from his gang and put them together in the barnyard. They need some fattening up. The girls are in fine flesh but these boys are skinny. So as I type I am listening to the boys complaining about leaving their girls. I know why Albert is thin (he's been breeding) but I'm not sure why the other guy is. Even if he was trying to breed there are only two lambs that won't get pregnant anyway. I will probably get my trusty microscope out and do a fecal this week too see if there are any worm issues. And speaking of lambs, there was a coyote howling right across the street last night about 8 pm. Yet they never come near our stock. We have never had trouble here with wild predators.

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