Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Knit a Clock?

OK I don't have knitting to show you...or at least anything noteworthy as far as progress goes and my spinning hasn't been too productive either. I've just been too busy. You may have heard that the dreaded flesh eating bacteria has hit the area and even though our school is MRSA free for the moment, it is reasonably close. Dan has an infection in his toe so I ran him up to the docs just in case. The doc said that for now (note the "for now"), MRSA IS treatable, but like any other infection, you just can't ignore it. In the future it may not be easily treatable because of the over use of antibiotics. MRSA does not respond to traditional antibiotics because this particular staph bug has become resistant to those usual antibiotics. So for the moment you use a different one. That's all. The hype, as is typical of the media and gossip, has been somewhat inacurrate.

But I did have some knitting action to show ya. Check this out:

Go read about it here at Kendrakadas

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