Thursday, October 11, 2007

Retro Knitting 1

I realized the other day that my blog is old. It was started in 2005! I have developed a larger readership recently and I sincerely doubt that anyone new has gone through my whole blog, so I decided to highlight some of the very old posts and bring them all together in this mini-summary page if you will. I will do this once a week on Wednesday's (if I remember, if I don't please remind me!). I am going to focus on knitting, spinning and general fiber posts first. So without further adieu here are a few links from 2005:

Some Fiber Projects - hats, socks and more

Nantastic Basket - a almost felted basket that was pretty neat to do and is used for storing single ply leftovers from my bobbins

Branching Out Scarf- very fun lace scarf, I love this one and the dog is "wearing " it

More Socks - a blue and navy 1 stripe sock

Neck Warmer - a neck warmer modeled by a shy son. One of the few commercial yarn knits I have done.

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