Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogging Zoom - A New Social Site

In my surfing travels I recently discovered Blogging Zoom. Using social networks to increase traffic to your site are really big right now. After all, we aren't writing so that no one comes to read what we have to say, right? There are so many social networks out there it's hard to decide what is worthwhile both from a traffic generation standpoint and a user standpoint. What I like about Blogging Zoom is that you can submit your own sites. You can then "Zoom" those sites that you like and likewise if people like what you write they will zoom you. Blogging Zoom is divided up into categories and I like the clean interface and organization. After a certain number of zooms, your post goes "hot". I've had 5 posts go hot so far. You can also find and add friends. Of course after I submit a post I always look around and see what's hot. I have found some interesting posts about a diverse range of subjects. Heck I've submitted posts about LED Christmas lights, caffeinated soap (yep you read that right!) and The Sound of the Loon.
It seems like they are off to great start with lots of traffic. If you are interested in getting some more targeted traffic to your site check them out.