Thursday, December 13, 2007


The first snow storm is on the way. I am finally back to taking my walks after breaking my ankle. That was a much too long hiatus. I pick the great weather to start back again, don't I? I've been walking for about a week now. Here's what I snapped today. By tomorrow there may be a foot or so on the ground. Schools are closing early all across the region.

Rascal is up on our hill. He loves the snow and dislikes warm weather. You can see the pond gazebo and the driveway snow fence in the background. I hope we get a chance to skate this year.

Walking down our farmer's trail out in back of the house. There is a stream way off to the right down a steep hill. Notice the big round white dot to the left? A snowflake suspended in time.

I couldn't resist this last photo. I think Vlad thinks the sole gift under the tree is for him. Speaking of tree, the tree pics will be put up later.