Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ever Hear of Pulling Fleece?

I never did, and I am definitely going to try it. It looks like it may cut out the intermediate step of carding or combing. Obviously you need a very clean fleece to do this since combing or carding gets rid of much of any VM (vegetable matter) that may be in the fleece. I discovered this technique thanks to Shepherd Chik, whose great farm and fiber blog I read regularly. She posted a video that shows you this method of preparing fiber for spinning. Check it out here.

I grabbed some washed fleece that I have waiting for inspiration and tried it. Both of my wheels have projects on them (surprise, surprise) so I couldn't spin my newly created pseudo roving. This fleece probably isn't the best suited for this pulling method as it is pretty fine but I have a few sheep who will definitely have fleece candidates for this method.

I had planned on stepping out today but the ground is a sheet of ice, including the driveway gravel! Fortunately I had seen my weather icon flashing red and checked it out before I went out, because it said we were having freezing rain and boy where they right. I would have fallen flat on my face, because you cannot see it on the ground. Look at the small icicles hanging off the grill and the top is solid ice.

I was going to look up some information at the town hall because I plan on grieving my taxes in the spring. Does anyone have any experience doing this and if so any advice? The newer residents of this town are footing the bill for the entire town as a revaluation or even data collection hasn't been done in years.