Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We Love Elk

Has anybody tried elk meat? As my regular readers already know, we are fans of wild meat because it is low fat and drug free. But it's also very tasty. By far my favorite meat in this category is elk. I had elk for the first time last year when I bartered some knit hats for elk meat. A neighbor of ours has a serious hunting family and they go out west each year on a guided elk hunt.

Notice there isn't a lot of fat in this batch of meat as opposed to a similar batch of beef hamburger meat.

This year we received several packages of meat (above photo) and tonight we plan on cooking up some burgers. Now I won't eat deer hamburgers. We use that meat for spaghetti and other similar sauces. It just doesn't taste that great as a burger. But elk is a different story and simply fantastic as a burger on a bun with nothing else save a little ketchup. I have been told that moose is even better.