Saturday, January 12, 2008

Felix Thanks You Weather !

Thanks to this mild weather and lack of snow I was able to do something I normally can't do at this time of year. Clean the rabbit cage. Because Felix is an Angora rabbit, his shedding hair tends to coat the cage. This creates a huge mess which can only be cleaned by a pressure washer. Otherwise it would take days to pick out each individual rung on the cage.

Here you see Mike and his friend, starting up the pressure washer for me.

Here I am, cleaning the cage. As you can see the cage was mounted on top of two home made sawhorses so that it can be easily moved around. This setup also enables the rabbit droppings to fall through the cage where they are easily removed. No messy pans to clean.

Here the boys are moving the cage back into the barn where it belongs. They deserve engraved plaques for their help today!

Then it's time to groom the rabbit. I brush him with a comb that has rotating tines. This helps prevent uncomfortable pulling of his coat. It also removes a lot of hair for my spinning cache. It's very soft and silky. I almost have enough now to spin a skein of some good yarn