Sunday, January 13, 2008

Restraining the Comb

This looks like a lethal weapon and could definitely double as personal protection, but I am using it to blend and comb my wool and mohair. I got tired of unscrewing the clamp on the comb and needed something a little less tedious and time consuming. The problem with coming up with a comb holding design that will allow quick release of the comb is the non-uniform shape of the handle. That presented a challenge but after a few modifications I think we have a winner. For those of you not familiar with any of this, when I comb raw washed wool to prepare it for spinning, I put wool on one comb and then comb it onto the other comb. Then I need to get it off the comb, and that's when it needs to be clamped because it's a two hand process. But the combs need to be alternately in my hand as well as clamped, throughout the process. This contraption is not pretty but it works. The block the comb is sitting on will be clamped.

This is one of three amusing videos I used to learn how to use the combs. It contained all the info I needed. I had no idea how to comb fiber until I watched these.