Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Trees and Tips For Planting

I planted all these trees. I think there are about 20 around the property. The second photo is a closer shot so you can get a better look. The bright sun and snow made it difficult to take good pictures. It was hard work planting these guys but it was worth it. They ranged in size from a few feet to a few inches when I planted them. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you see your trees growing from year to year. These trees are about 5 years old now and are a mix of Scotch and White pines. That is Stage Road behind them and the pond on this side of them. My goal was to gain some privacy from the road (and I love trees). Even though it is 600 feet away it's still nice not too see it. I left a gap in the middle, because it's handy to see if the road has been plowed! Also some trees died which is normal, but overall my success rate was very good. I got the trees, loaded them up in the truck after I removed the cap, one of my favorite truck accessories, and brought them home. And now for the nifty time saving trick. With a spade I made a slit in the ground and raised the earth up a little. There was no back breaking digging. I simply slid the roots of the tree into the slit and stamped the earth back down. Using this method I can plant a lot of trees at a time. The best time to plant is in the spring but you can plant in the fall. You will have a lower success rate though.

A little later I planted more trees. These are growing like crazy. They are along our property line (I hope!)and run parallel to the driveway.

This last tree below is one of my favorites. It's a Tamarac. I call these trees huggable trees because their needles are so soft. In the fall they turn a gorgeous golden color and don't fall off until late in the year. It's not easy to see it now but the dog is right next to it.

Here is a Tamarac in fall colors. We have whole swaths of forest with these trees and one is on our road. It's very pretty.