Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where Did He Go?

We had our cat declawed almost two weeks ago. We had three choices. Continue letting him destroy the house, give him away (never!) or have him declawed. He has done hundreds of dollars worth of damage to all the wood here. We have wood everywhere. The large windows and doors are framed with it. The staircase has wood railings and the loft has wood railings along the hallway. In a previous post I showed you photos. So the procedure went well. But there was one problem. He wouldn't use his litter box because it contained shredded newspaper instead of traditional kitty litter. I could see he wasn't using it but the question was, what was he using and where? The poop part was easy enough. He'd do it right on the kids bathroom floor. OK, not too terrible, we can deal with that. Better than a hairball if you ask me. But where was he peeing?

Yesterday I heard Mike call from their bathroom. "Mom! I know where the cat is peeing. He is sitting in our sink and peeing down into the drain." Naturally I started thinking of how we could transfer that behavior into peeing in the toilet! At any rate, we found his spot. The kids won't use the sink, and I sanitize it daily. He goes back to kitty litter Monday.