Monday, January 28, 2008

Pretty Eggs

So the pina coladas were great Saturday and the food was fantastic thanks to my excellent resident chef (not me!). Our guests were the same people that sent us this Christmas card not too long ago. And they brought us some fresh eggs from a few of those exotic chickens on the card. What I love about these eggs apart from the fact that they are drug and hormone free is their color.

How many shades do you see? I love the mint colored eggs the best.

We put the boys in the kitchen and the adults and our company's daughter sat in the dining room.

Afterwards we played this hilarious game called Babble-On, where you have to try and come up with a phrase based on some words on a card. The words sound like a phrase or person or thing. It's really quit comical hearing your opponents sounding these things out. My favorite game to play with a crowd though is still Pictionary. We had a lot of fun and determined that we would make a greater effort at getting together more frequently. Life gets in the way, friends get neglected, we need to do better.