Saturday, January 26, 2008

Update on Mike and Pina Coladas

He's doing well as you can see! He did go to school yesterday but discovered that he couldn't write very well without pain. Of course there were mid-term tests. So I got a call from him at noon, and he asked me to come get him. Fortunately, this will be a long weekend because there is a "staff development" day on Monday. I hear the teachers will be playing volleyball! I guess they will develop their muscles. At any rate, Mike and I are going to design a few custom printed calendars using a program I have had siting on my computer for about a year. We have so many good photos it's going to be hard to choose a theme. Do we even want a theme? What about random photos that we like? I am sure various pets and animals will be in there somewhere.

Later today we have company coming for dinner. There was supposed to be a sledding event for the kids but with Mike injured that won't be happening. The adults plan on finishing the cream of coconut that is still in the pantry. Tom and I love pina coladas and yes I know it is NOT the season but the coconut does not last forever. We bought it for the cabin and didn't finish it. The key to a really good pina colada is not using the mix. You buy the cream of coconut either in a can, the best brand being Coco Casa, or the plastic pour containers, and just follow the directions on those containers. They are delicious! I will build up the fire and make it nice and hot in the house so it feels like the Caribbean despite the white fluff outside! I remember when we were in Jamaica, they used to serve them in real coconut shells. Yum! Bring on the summer already!