Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fleeces and Lambs Oh My

Another set of twins was born yesterday in the late afternoon. For this Clun Forest ewe, it was her first lambs, a girl and a boy. They are healthy and big for twins from a young and not fully grown ewe. I was very pleased. So I have one first timer left to go and then lambing is over. I anticipate that she will lamb any time now. Amidst lambing ewes, Mike's lip swelled up again out of the blue. This time it was his lower lip! I give up! We have no idea what is causing this and Benadryl didn't help this time either. He also broke out in a few hives. Remember the last time, he wasn't even home and had no hives. That was only 8 days ago. Then a few days ago he woke up with lots of hives. Benadryl got rid of them after an hour or so. I can see this is going to be a maddening thing that probably won't have a solution. I have my fingers crossed that it will go away by itself.

Getting boxes of fleece ready to ship

In the midst of all this activity I sold several fleeces. I only have three of ten left, and I kept Albert's fleece for myself. Naturally both of my markers were starting to run dry so I ended up using ink pens.