Monday, April 07, 2008

Gardening Challenge and a Few Lambs

We had our first tree swallows of the year yesterday and I heard a bluebird sing. It was a gorgeous spring day yesterday so we let the new twins out into the barnyard with the rest of the crew. I also poked around in some flower beds and noticed a few crocus peeking out.

Here are the new little lambs. And little they tiny. Click to enlarge their cuteness!

Check out my seedlings for the Gardening Challenge. They are doing well except for a few droopy cauliflowers 2nd and 3rd rows from left). I'm not sure why they aren't thriving but I think they will turn out ok. They appear healthy enough, they just aren't upright. The zucchinis have really taken off. They grow so quickly I can almost watch them growing.

Hannah gave me an idea of where and how to transplant and transport my peat pots. I ended up sticking them in a cooler.

Zuchs, cauilflower and cabbage in the cooler