Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Retro Animal Pics

I have been going through a lot of photos from years ago and posting some of them over at my New York blog, and I came across this cute one above. The ram is bigger than Daniel! This was Otis, a gentle giant Corriedale, and he was still very young in this photo. Daniel was showing him at the County fair. Unfortunately soon afterwards he succumbed to a parasite called P. Tenuis. This is a nasty villain that deer carry, which uses the snail as an intermediate host. We have lots of those in the damp grass in the morning.

The parasite lodges in the spinal chord and slowly paralyses the animal. We had to have both Otis and and Dan's pony, who was old and colicky, put down on the same day.

We would hop on our horses right from the barn and ride out into the state land. And this is why we live here.