Monday, May 05, 2008

Killer Frost

We had a killer of a hard frost last week and despite my newly planted marigolds being under the front porch roof, they got zapped anyway. So that was a disappointment. My sons are in the local FFA club at school and are selling flowers and plants as a fund raiser so I guess I will add marigolds to my order list.

I have started hardening off my cooler climate veggies and was thinking about putting them in the garden this week but the weather forecast shows a slew of nights with temps close to freezing. I don't feel like covering them every night so I will wait a little longer.
I forget what this plant is above but it's starting to bloom and is looking pretty. The camera has washed out the blue color from the petals. If you know what it is despite the lousy photo, please jog my memory. I always add a tall grass-like plant in the middle, but not until the threat of frost is past. And today I get to mow the lawn for the first time this year. Oh joy!

Dead marigolds