Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Father's Day had picture perfect weather all day. Sunny skies and no humidity. Kids that were actually home for most of the day too! I made Tom's favorite meal with a rhubarb pie for dessert. This crazy weather though has really shut down my rhubarb crop. It was growing very well while it was cool but the sudden extended hot spell really slowed it's growth and as you can see the stalks are much thinner then they should be. I almost didn't have enough for one pie. I think I will make a mini rhubarb fool with the few pieces remaining. I LOVE that dessert. All you do is beat in some fresh cream and sugar. Don't forget to cook the rhubarb first until it is soft. Scrumptious!

The two stalks in front are perfect, most of the rest are very skinny

Mike made a very pretty salad for his dad. All but the lettuce and cukes are from the garden.

Father's Day wasn't without it's chores though. I pressure washed the back deck, the deck furniture and the back siding. Tom stained the front porch deck. I totally clipped Felix and washed his cage as well. He is much cooler now and can no longer be called a fluff ball. The boys split wood, lots of it.

We watched some of the Mets double header. They lost one and won one. I am hearing that Willie Randolph's job is on the line since they can't seem to string any wins together.

And what's Father's Day without a little basketball. Here's Mike puttin' on the moves.