Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Do They Get This Stuff?

Kids come up with the strangest stuff but it's oddly funny. I forgot I had this video to elaborate yesterday's photo of the hanging of the hand. In case you can't understand the captivating dialogue, Mike is saying "May the Lord have mercy on his soul", with a follow up from Dan, "Proceed". Clearly too much Henry the VIII stuff is lying around the house.

This gave me an idea though. Dan is thinking about having a Halloween party this year and he could send out video Halloween invitations. Heck everyone of his friends is online so why not do something different? And speaking of kids and technology, Dan's girlfriend got a new cell phone for college. It's amazing. It has a touchscreen pad, GPS, internet, full qwerty keyboard...basically everything but the kitchen sink. I will be reviewing it and giving a teenager's opinion on it soon, over at my gadget blog, Today's Gizmos. Come on over!