Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Carder Arrived!

Did I tell ya about my carder? Of course I did. Well it showed up today but I was busy installing switches and reformatting one of my kid's computers and installing Windows. I helped a lady buy a new computer because hers was pretty far gone and she gave me her old one which is perfect for IM and internet stuff for Mike. We now have a nice little switched network of 3 computers! It''s good geeky fun. But on the fiber I love my carder and I love the price I paid for it. It's a Strauch Petite drum carder, the same as Beth's and is made in the US. It came with all the tools too. It was used only once and I paid $250. They are $350 new. I lucked out! I had ads all over the place, in Ravelry and on Craig's list as well as the various fiber/spin lists. I'm not actually sure how the guy that sold it to me found me, but I am glad he did. And he's an interesting fellow too, having recorded for King Crimson and Jon Anderson of Yes. We had a nice chat about progressive rock. He owns Coopermoose Spinning and Fibers and sells all things fibery.

So last night while watching yet another Phillies vs Mets baseball nail biter, I carded up some batts. My next project will be to combine the orange mohair with the coffee brown wool I have. I am looking forward to blending on this machine. The only thing I have to be really careful of, especially if I am tuned into the baseball game, is destroying a finger or two in the carder. The points on the carding cloth are extremely sharp. I might need to solicit the high powered help of Chicago personal injury lawyers if I lose my hand!