Monday, August 25, 2008

Mittens and Mets

I finally started the other thrummed mitten so that John will have it in time for the winter. I figure since I have the wrist completed, chances are the rest will follow after a few more baseball games. And speaking of baseball, the inconsistency of the NY Mets is driving me batty. They win 10 of their last 12 and then lose the next two. And last night? Holy cow, thirteen innings with the score tied up at 7-7. never mind that the Mets were winning 7 to NOTHING earlier. And then they lost to Philly, who is close on their heels and actually now in the number one spot. Two more games to go in that series and it's a very important two games. The mets excuse? Bullpen injuries and one cather. Woe is me.

My carder will arrive today!! There will be photos of course! Here's some the wool all washed up and drying outside, that Tom sheared from a lamb. It's lovely, but short. Anyone have any ideas of a good project with wool that has a staple of about a little over an inch?

Here's the w