Monday, August 11, 2008

Remove The NBC Peacock!

When we bought our 42 inch LCD TV a little over a year ago, I thought immediately of the two things I love to watch the most: Baseball and the Olympics. So I was pretty excited to see the Olympics this year, especially the gymnastics. Last night's Mens 400 Relay blew me away. I could not believe that the US managed to beat the French by 8/100ths of a second and they were losing until the very end. The comeback was amazing as we were losing by a body length on the last lap. It was one of the most exciting finishes of any race I've ever seen. The victory was especially sweet since the French were talking trash before the race. But I digress. What really gets my goat is this:

That darn NBC Peacock and the rings. Whatever happened to to the top or bottom right CORNER! And it gets worse when it's live because they add the words "Live" to the already intrusive logo. In this picture it doesn't look too bad but in other sports it actually blocks the view. At least they could have made it somewhat transparent. This is ridiculous and almost as bad as those ads for what's up next that come on after commercials during shows on Discovery and some network stations. Those take up the bottom third of the screen and I hate them! Why did we buy a big TV? So I can see the station ID better? And how long do you think it will be before we have ads for Depends and Viagra intruding on our screen real estate?