Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pumpkin Spice Yarn

I've been busy spinning up this home-grown home-carded blend of mine.

This is a single on the bobbin of my wheel. I had another suggested name for it, which was excellent. How about Pumpkin Spice? Anyway this is how it looks so far. Surly when looking at this stack of carded fiber, I will have enough for a sleeveless vest? Vlad certainly seems to approve. I think his next move was going to be on top of the pile which simply wouldn't do so I removed him from his perch after the photo was taken.

Meanwhile I had come up with a good idea on how to keep the carder from sliding across the table without clamping it. Otto, the maker of Strauch carders told me that if you have to use the clamp, you are carding too much at once or not preparing your fiber properly. Slipping is acceptable though, hence the material underneath which is simply a roll of tacky drawer liner.

Otto said the clamp is to protect the carder from being toppled over by a child or other creature.
And why was I speaking with Otto you ask? Well I wasn't sure about the position of my licker-in (that's the small drum in front of the big one). He was most gracious and helpful. I do enjoy my carder. It would have taken me years to get that much fiber carded let alone blended, and the end result is much better too.