Monday, April 06, 2009

The New (old) Beast

pics taken on a rainy misty day adds an almost sinister look to the truck

Remember how excited I was about buying our first used car? I loved the lack of dollars flowing out of my purse as we exited the dealer parking lot. Well we did it again and we may actually have added a few $ to the coffers as we left the lot this time. You see, our ten year old truck is...well 10 years old and looks every bit of it. It's always been trouble and has cost us a pretty penny over the years. The sad part is the mileage is only 70,000.  It is also now too cramped for the kids who have long legs. The Sorento (which still looks great) is getting's an 03 with 90,000 miles and the thought of breaking down halfway to the cabin, fully loaded with gear and animals, was a little frightening. Plus we need a truck for that trek, sooooo I started looking around for a used Toyota Tundra or Tacoma. I found what I wanted an hour and a half away. It was worth the drive though, as the ad didn't do it justice at all. What we disovered was that it had the Sports TRD package, which included extra sport suspension, running boards, chrome tip on the exhaust pipe which Dan just loves,  fancy but very undertstated decals by the hood scoop and on the door handles, electric rear windows which the kids love along with their spacious quarters, 17 inch alloy wheels, killer stereo with 6cd changer, fancy moveable tiedowns in the bed along with a power converter so we can run tools, and just a very nice looking beast that drives and rides like a sedan. We found a place in Binghamton to make a nice matching cap.

I've always loved automobiles and love to drive and was going to car shows as a teenager. So having nice vehicles has always been a great source of enjoyment for me.  This truck has excellent reviews and only has 26,000 miles. It's a 2007 and is in just about perfect shape. We love it!

Oh! I almsot forgot to add that NY chnaged it's agricultural vehicle rules to read basically that a truck qualifies if it is used almost 50% of the time in agricultural pursuits. This is definitely true for us so we paid no taxes and it's depreciable to boot!

Meanwhile though, we have 5 vehicles. We will try and sell the Nissan and Dan (who got a job in Kentucky Fried Chicken) will use the older truck for work. Parking is a little cramped around here!