Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bluebirds, More Yarn Deals, Hot and Cold

One of my favorites, that used to nest in the boxes near the house for years until the sparrows chased them out, is back. This guy was singing away on the back deck. I have been hearing them and seeing them and hope they have nested nearby. This photo was taken through the patio door so it's not crispy clear.

It was very hot, just about 90 last weekend so Mike jumped into the pond. The pond is still very cold but remember this kid went on the polar bear swim.

My garden is coming along. Here is some lettuce of various varieties, starting to sprout. I also have some cabbage plants in.

I decided to make a little rock garden out back. I am really enjoying puttering around back there. It's all perennials, lillies and daffodils which I transplanted from the side of the house and flagpole, Goldshot Wallflower (the yellow plant) and  Touran Rockfoil Saxifraga (the red plant). Since these plants are all new, it's not filled out yet but promises to look very nice.

The mulitflora rose which is so invasive and prickly drives me crazy, so I mowed it over and tidied up the area between our back lawn and the woods.

I was in the "Cuse today so I stopped once again at the yarn store that is going out of business. This time all yarn was 70% off so I indulged just a little.