Friday, September 21, 2007

Craft Club Sept 21st

Here it is Friday already and time for another:

This should have been easy...but it wasn't. I didn't touch the baby pullover from last week but I did work on the hat some more. However when I discovered it was too big I had to frog it, all the way to the beginning, casting on with less stitches. It's a good thing it was a just a hat. So here it is now. Almost done, or redone. It's all my own handspun, the gray and white are their natural color and the blue was dyed using Gaywool Dye.

If you click on the photo you will be able to see the pretty stitch marker that I was using when I had the hat on circular needles. In the past I have always used boring plastic rings as markers. Hey they worked right? But my Secret Pal gave me these pretty stitch markers and I really love them. I plan on finishing this hat today and starting the other by next week. In between I hope to do some more with the pullover and the dreaded puppet .

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