Sunday, November 11, 2007

Teddy Bear for Steekfest

My attempt at the teddy bear sweater was aborted because Carla reminded me that steeking should be done with wool fiber and not synthetics, as the steeks will hold better due to felting and the "hookiness" of wool fibers. So I investigated my stash yet again and came up with my navy and light blue Corriedale. I have just about the right amount of wool left too for each. I did a bunch of rows and checked Ravelry for the same project and found two others. One gal said there was a mistake in the pattern so I asked her where that was and what she did.

Here's where I am so far and I am really enjoying this fair Isle pattern as it's easy.
Our steekfest is postponed until after the holidays so I am sure I will be ready. I also want to get my wool washed up so I can card some of it on Beth's drum carder!

Click here for Beth's progress so far.

I also plan on spinning some more today for the mittens.