Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gardening in 40 Degrees!

Ok this weather is just plain silly. It looks like we are making up for some much needed rain but 40 degrees? Puhleeeze! And we had a nice big frost last night. The tomatoes are sulking, but the red lettuce and cabbage appear happy enough. Can't seem to find any sign of the other two varieties of lettuce that I planted. The Black Zucchini's are actually starting to bloom in the house! I don't dare put them out until later this week. I'm told the temps may actually go up into the 70's again. I won't hold my breath.

Usually by this time I have flowers near the patio furniture but after the marigolds froze their little heads off I am waiting to put more flowers out.

Some neat things did happen yesterday despite the cold. A Blue Heron that often visits our pond, stood in a shallow area and wasn't moving a muscle. Obviously he had his eyes on some fish. But there was a Redwinged Blackbird nest nearby and both birds were dive bombing this heron who still didn't move an inch. It was fun to watch and I found myself wishing that I had a huge zoom lens on my camera to share it with all of you. As I went back inside I saw two Ravens in the pasture. They were HUGE.