Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I forgot to mention yesterday that we also installed a phone at the cabin. I say "we" but I really mean Tom. He just loves it when I say we! The cell service at our location is spotty and the county has a very reasonable seasonal phone rate. We saved ourselves the installation fee of $45 by running the wire into the cabin ourselves.

On the gardening front, honestly this cool weather has been the pits. My tomatoes may not make it. It's hard to tell at this point and I won't embarrass myself by taking a picture. However I could use some advice on this one. This is my bucket tomato and it did very well last year. What's up with the curled leaves? Too much water? Help someone, please....

My, in the cooler cauliflower and zucchinis, continue to thrive. I am hardening them off now. We still have a few more days of cool weather on the horizon, including a frost, so I am keeping them in the cooler a little while longer. They are doing very well in there anyway.

The rhubarb is getting close and the newly transplanted catnip was eaten by the cats! I am told it will come back. I received my second bunch of fresh asparagus from the same gal that gave me the catnip. This stuff is delicious! She has also given us a few bunches of radishes. I never ate them and tried some the other day. Delicious. Thanks Claire!

Here is the couch that I mentioned that George Bush bought us for the family/TV room. Vlad is checking out the recliner section. Obviously I need to move some pictures that are behind it and we need to find another end table.

It is sooooo comfortable. The hours spent checking out all the couches paid off. The key here was adequate lumbar support and a high back so that your head is at the right angle when in the various reclined positions. Many of the sofas had my head at peculiar angles or there was no head support at all. Anyway this couch is as good as any home theater chairs anywhere!